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Optimise the Value of Facilities

Facility management systems have been in use for a long period of time, making it possible for organizations to compete more effectively by maximizing their operational efficiency and reducing their overhead cost.

In contemporary times, progressive organizations are evolving to flexible and smarter systems and integrated Facility Management (FM) to realize the potential of their businesses and its alignment to their business goals. Like any large sized organizations, small and medium sized organizations are also not far away from challenges when it comes to managing and improving facility management in order to optimize productivity.

Companies wishing to focus on their core business amidst the intense competition should be more proactive to outsource their non-core functions like facility and fleet management as a viable strategy and an excellent solution.

Organizations need highly process driven individuals or companies practicing as consultants and professionals in the industry to help deliver excellence in facility and fleet management services. This is because their wealth of experience and expertise can unburden them from the challenges faced by their organization in managing their facilities and assets.

In outsourcing facility and fleet management services, top management in organizations should know the following amongst others:

1. Ensure that there will be 100% availability of the consultant and his/her staff even during leave and emergency period.

2. Ensure that the consultant would be able to manage cost effectively on behalf the organization.

3. Ensure that a level of flexibility is allowed in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) to accommodate the organization’s need at specific circumstances.

What the Client Organizations need to prepare for Outsourcing

For the experienced facility consultants plan to be successfully implemented, they will need your support to ensure they have access to your people and records. They will also need the clients involvement to effectively coordinate communication activities.